Longview TX – East Texas Area

Let us photograph your family, couple or individual portraits. You’ll have a wonderful time, and within a week after our session, you’ll have 30 beautifully edited hi-resolution images.

You may download these images from our website, or request a DVD or flash drive for a nominal cost. You’ll have full printing permissions to have the images printed from any printing lab you like.

An extension service we provide our portrait customers is custom matting and framing. You can select among your favorite images and tell us the finished frame sizes you’d like. We will have your images printed by our partnering fine portrait lab, and matte and frame them to your specification.

Let us know how we can help you, so we can give you a custom quote specific to your photography needs.

Considering the costs…

“Geez! I’m not trying to buy your camera, Mister!” That was what my incredulous friend wanted to tell one of the wedding photographers who offered her a quote to photograph her daughter’s wedding many years ago. After baring her frustration, I had to softly explain, “well, you kind of are ‘buying his camera,’ at least for a few hours, … and the flashes, and at least a couple high dollar lenses, reflectors, and his computer and post processing software, and on and on. Any honest photographer will unabashedly tell you she has a fetish for lenses; we just can never have enough! Yes, the tools of our trade are expensive, but make no mistake, an exceptional camera lens will never substitute the trained eye and creative genius of a remarkable photographer, but that lens and a 45 megapixel camera will allow her to capture the art and beauty of her craft and place you in the center of her masterpiece, on a 30×40 canvas with as much sharp detail as you see on your high resolution monitor. No camera phone will ever do that for you!