I have always been my family’s historian, even as early as twelve years old, I remember walking around with my brand new Kodak “disk” camera; if you remember those, I’ve just dated myself!  Flash forward, six years and I was in the Army taking pictures of my service family amidst the landscapes and architecture of Germany. Another leap of time and I became a high school English teacher who was fortuitously assigned the “other duties as assigned” of advising our Yearbook class.  That was the game changer! I began formally learning the composition and techniques of photography, as well as getting to practice with all manner of equipment before finding my own preferences and passions in the art.  These events have brought me here today.

My husband and I love our life here in east Texas, and we enjoy sharing our talents and time with our church, our children and of course, those grand babies! I am still my family’s historian  (I make up a larger part of the “history” than I used to, lol) and I have no idea where that old Kodak Disk Camera ended up, but I’m so thankful that Jesus has me here today, and has equipped me with talents to help you document the history of your family as well.